Beyond the test tube: a science podcast

Julie Laurin

Episode Summary

Mike and Elaine have the pleasure to talk to Julie Laurin, an artist, a successful entrepreneur, a school drop out, a science communicator, and most importantly, a curious learner with a talent for sharing her enthusiasm. Julie Laurin cannot be put in a box and it has been a delight to understand her motivation, talk about how anyone can get into science, how communicating with scientist is not as difficult as you think and how sometimes, going to post-secondary school is overrated.

Episode Notes

The multiple ways you can follow Julie's work:

Please visit Julie Laurin's website:

Listen to her podcast Planet B612: .

Watch Julie's latest microscopic find on her website A Tiny World:

You can also subscribe to her YouTube channel, reach her on Twitter (@PlanetB612fm and @atinyworldorg ) or Instagram.


Book referred to in the podcast:

You can learn more about Robert Hooke and his book Micrographia on.... drumroll... Wikipedia!

Here is a review of Matt Ridley's book called Genome in the science journal called Nature: Genome review.

Here's the website for the author Mary Roach: