Beyond the test tube: a science podcast

3D animations in molecular biology with Andrew Catalano from Smart Biology.

Episode Summary

This month, Elaine has the immense pleasure to talk to Dr Andrew Catalano about the beauty of science and the intersect with art and education. Dr Catalano is the creative mind behind the animated textbook company Smart Biology, a unique educational resource this is as accurate as it is beautiful and inspiring. Enjoy the journey!

Episode Notes

You can visit the Smart Biology website by clicking on this link: Smart Biology.

Shout out to Dr Jade Atallah, an assistant professor at the University of Toronto (Mississauga), who helped Andrew during the first few year of bringing Smart Biology to life, and introduced me to this wonderful animations.

Find out what we mean by "we're not worthy" David S. Goodsell at the Scripps Institute.

And discover the pioneer and revolutionary world of 3D molecular animations by Drew Berry  at the WEHI in Melbourne, Australia.

If you want to know more about Dr Goodsell and Dr Berry' history, they both have their own wikipedia page!  Dr Goodsell's wikipedia page is here, and Dr Berry's wikipedia page is here.